The Southern Denmark Region takes pride in its well-structured and comprehensive public business support system, strategically designed to cater to the diverse needs of enterprises. This support network extends to all 22 municipalities within the region, with each locality offering multiplicity business support services. Acting as primary entry points, these local support centers seamlessly connect businesses with the region’s specialized business hubs.

Furthermore, the Southern Denmark Region thrives on the active involvement of national clusters, which serve as dynamic innovation orchestrators. These clusters diligently focus on the four key areas identified by the BOOST project, driving progress and fostering collaboration.

When it comes to business development and innovation, educational institutions play a pivotal role in the Southern Denmark Region. The esteemed Southern Danish University (SDU) takes center stage as the region’s leading university. Comprising four faculties strategically distributed across major cities in the region, SDU serves as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the Design School of Kolding enriches the university landscape by nurturing innovation and creativity across all academic levels.

In addition to universities, the region boasts two business academies, two business colleges, and vocational schools. These institutions provide valuable resources and training to individuals aspiring to excel in the business arena, ensuring a well-rounded educational ecosystem that caters to diverse skill sets and aspirations.

To further facilitate collaboration between researchers and private companies, the Southern Denmark Region is home to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) – SDU RIO. This influential entity acts as a catalyst for partnerships and knowledge exchange, fostering fruitful collaborations between academia and industry. Additionally, the region benefits from the presence of six esteemed national private-public GTS research institutes. These institutes play a crucial role in supporting both private companies and public-private innovation projects at the municipality and regional levels.

With a harmonious blend of educational institutions, well-connected business support networks, and strategic collaborations, the Southern Denmark Region creates a fertile ground for business growth, innovation, and sustainable development.

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