What is Project BOOST?

The BOOST Project is a guideline providing support for boosting innovation through a collaboration framework primarily among BOOST project regions, but at the same time replicable / scalable at European level.

Create an Interregional Collaboration Framework that will have an inclusive, structured, fast-lane collaboration framework that maximizes the value of innovation to society and reduces the innovation gaps among European regions.

The mission to act as a catalyst for collaboration between modest and moderate innovator regions and strong / top innovator European regions.
Our Unique Selling Proposition is aimed to convey the message of the BOOST consortium that we aim to:
  • close the innovation gap between the EU countries,
  • boosting innovation to be carried out at SMEs,
  • facilitate collaboration between innovation stakeholders: making the right people meet and helping them to save time on contact-making between the right people,
  • learning from others and creating synergies is an ongoing process.