Southern DENMARK, Vejle Kommune

Region Southern Denmark is the 3rd largest region in Denmark with a population of 1.2 million inhabitants spread across the region in the main cities; Odense, Vejle, Esbjerg, Kolding and Sonderborg. Boost partner Municipality of Vejle is the second largest municipality in the region.  Vejle has a long-standing tradition for open innovation with extensive triple helix collaboration and running innovation facilities in the areas of food, manufacturing, start-ups, green tech and digitalization in applied

The Region holds capabilities in the sectors of energy & cleantech solutions, industry, robot and drone technology, welfare technologies, health innovation. Business in the region are offered support by a strong public decentralized Business Support System, who collaborate across value chains in private-public collaborations at local, regional and national levels. Companies have a direct and easy access collaboration with the R & D innovation system to SDU RIO in the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) system.

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