Project BOOST is hosting an online matchmaking event on April 16th to connect organizations and accelerate collaboration on Horizon Europe 2024 & I3 proposals.

This event will gather companies, research centers, universities, and other entities across Northeast Bulgaria, Northwest Romania, Catalunya, Tartu (Estonia), and Vejle (Denmark) interested in Industry 4.0 projects.

Connecting Innovators, Boosting Success

The event will feature presentations on key Industry 4.0 funding opportunities within Horizon Europe, along with proposal writing guidance. Following this, a dedicated networking session will provide participants with a platform to showcase their project ideas and connect with potential partners.

Building Partnerships for the Future

“This matchmaking event aims to foster collaboration and accelerate the development of innovative Industry 4.0 projects,” says Mihai Pop, Head of Operations in Transilvania IT Cluster, Project Coordinators of BOOST. “By connecting organizations across different regions, we can unlock new possibilities and create a stronger ecosystem for future advancements.”

Following the event, participants will have access to a dedicated B2Match platform for 10 days. This platform will allow them to refine connections, schedule one-on-one meetings, and solidify partnerships for their proposed Horizon Europe projects.

Project BOOST encourages all organizations interested in Industry 4.0 innovation to register for this exciting event.

Register now to secure your spot: