Catalonia, a vibrant region in Spain, encompasses 4 provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. Playing a pivotal role in promoting the competitiveness of Catalan enterprises is ACCIÓ, the esteemed public agency affiliated with the Ministry of Business and Labour of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Within Catalonia, a multitude of entities and resources contribute to the region’s dynamic business landscape. Let’s explore the diverse components that shape Catalonia’s economic ecosystem:

  1. Clusters: With an impressive count of over 59 clusters, Catalonia fosters collaboration and innovation across various industries, promoting synergies among businesses.
  2. Digital Innovation Hubs: Catalonia boasts a remarkable presence of 109 digital innovation hubs, serving as catalysts for technological advancement and digital transformation.
  3. Business Federations/Associations: More than six influential business federations/associations actively represent the interests and concerns of enterprises, playing a pivotal role in shaping policies and fostering cooperation.
  4. Chambers of Commerce: Thirteen chambers of commerce within Catalonia provide essential support and services to businesses, fostering trade and economic growth.
  5. Industrial Parks: With over 1,400 industrial parks strategically located across the region, Catalonia offers prime locations and facilities for businesses to thrive.
  6. Science and Technology Parks: Catalonia hosts more than 20 science and technology parks, serving as innovation ecosystems where research institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs collaborate to drive technological advancements.
  7. Business Incubators and Accelerators: 11 main business incubators and accelerators support startups and emerging ventures, providing guidance, mentorship, and resources to foster their growth and success.
  8. Co-working Spaces: Catalonia offers a vibrant ecosystem with 4 main co-working spaces, providing flexible work environments and fostering a sense of community among entrepreneurs and professionals.
  9. Universities: The region prides itself on hosting 13 esteemed universities, nurturing talent and contributing to research and knowledge creation.
  10. Research Institutes: 16 research institutes within Catalonia undertake groundbreaking research and innovation across various disciplines, driving progress and fostering collaboration between academia and industry.
  11. Research Base Organizations (NGOs): 5 research base organizations, as non-governmental entities, contribute to scientific and technological advancements within the region, playing an instrumental role in societal development.
  12. Technical Schools: Catalonia is home to 4 renowned technical schools, equipping students with specialized skills and knowledge relevant to the demands of the modern workforce.

Catalonia’s rich and diverse ecosystem of clusters, innovation hubs, business support organizations, educational institutions, and research entities establishes the region as a thriving hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic growth. With a focus on fostering collaboration and technological advancement, Catalonia is poised to continue driving its business landscape forward in the global arena.

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