Within the North-West Region of Romania, there exists a notable presence and thriving ecosystem in the digital sector and manufacturing industries. Furthermore, this region showcases the emergence of stakeholders actively engaged in the fields of health and green technologies. The research sector, in particular, stands out for its significant strength, while the domain of business support demonstrates a steady and progressive growth trajectory.

Comprising the North-West Region are several noteworthy entities:

  1. Development Agency: The North-West Regional Development Agency (North-West RDA) spearheads the region’s developmental efforts, fostering progress and prosperity.
  2. Local public authorities: both county councils and local councils, responsible for the development of the territories and communities, including managing local integrated strategies
  3. Clusters: From a total of 15 clusters, 12 of them actively operate in the fields of information technology and communications (ITC), wood and furniture, agro-food, energy, creative industries, education, geothermal waters, life style and space technology. These clusters serve as catalysts for innovation and collaborative endeavors.
  4. Academic Institutions: The region proudly hosts 8 esteemed universities related to BOOST fields, that serve as intellectual powerhouses, nurturing the minds of future leaders and innovators.
  5. Digital Innovation Hubs: Within the North-West Region, two European Digital Innovation Hubs provide a conducive environment for groundbreaking ideas to flourish, facilitating the digital transformation of concepts into tangible realities.
  6. Business Support Infrastructure: The region boasts a comprehensive ecosystem of 77 organizations dedicated to offering business support infrastructure. These include chambers of commerce, industrial parks, science and technology parks, business incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, and private funds.
  7. Research Excellence: The North-West Region is home to 4 subsidiaries of distinguished research academies and 2 leading technical research institutes. These institutions contribute to the region’s scientific advancements and serve as hubs for knowledge creation.
  8. Innovation and Tech Transfer: With 8 entities dedicated to innovation and technology transfer, the North-West Region fosters collaboration, facilitates knowledge exchange, and accelerates technological progress.
  9. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Offices: The region values and safeguards intellectual property, with 4 dedicated IPR offices offering guidance and support to protect innovative ideas and creations.

The North-West Region of Romania offers a promising landscape for innovation, research, and business support. By nurturing collaboration, encouraging breakthrough discoveries, and providing a robust ecosystem for growth, the region paves the way for a brighter and prosperous future.

You can find the detailed regional mapping of North-West Region, Romania here.